Afua Asantewaa’s Guinness World Records Attempt For Longest Singing Marathon Disqualified

Earlier this month, singer Afua attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest singing marathon. She began singing non-stop in hopes of beating the current record of 124 hours. However, Afua was unable to complete the full duration needed to set a new record.

In a statement on their official Twitter page, Guinness World Records confirmed that Afua’s attempt was unsuccessful. They explained that the evidence check required to verify a new record had already begun before Afua requested priority service. As a result, they refunded her payment for the priority service earlier this month.

While she did not ultimately set a new world record, Afua’s ambitious attempt has been inspirational for her fans. Guinness World Records noted the excitement and support from her followers during her singing marathon try. Even though the record eluded her this time, Afua succeeded in bringing positive attention to the challenge of endurance singing.

Guinness World Records wished Afua the very best of luck if she decides to make another attempt at the singing record in the future. Afua has not announced any immediate plans to try again, but she may consider it after recovering from this initial long singing session.

Afua’s fans stand ready to cheer her on and rally behind another shot at the world record books. Her first attempt may not have panned out, but it demonstrated Afua’s dedication and vocal stamina. There’s hope that with more training and preparation, this talented singer may someday earn her place in Guinness World Records through persistence and passion for her art.

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