I don’t give my number to guys who use android phones – Lady reveals

Most ladies now view an iPhone as s status symbol hence respect users of ios more than those of us who use android devices.

Meanwhile, most android phones such as Google Pixel Pro 6, Vertu Signature Cobra, and Diamond Crypto Smartphone are much more expensive than any iPhone.

A lady on Twitter with the handle name @ForeverPurple has revealed on the microblogging platform that she refused to give a guy her number just this morning because he uses an android device.

To wit, all that the clueless by-force slay queen with a fragile ego means is that, any guy who uses an android device is not up to her standard and therefore doesn’t deserve her friendship of love.

She tweeted; “Early morning like this you wanna take my number with your android phone that doesn’t have a name..Boi333”

By the time most ladies realise there’s more to life than using expensive gadgets, it would be late and regretful for them.

How can you tie a person’s worth to the kind of phone he/she sues if not for foolishness?

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