I have not forced anyone to like what I am doing- Safo Newman

Safo Newman, a rising Ghanaian musician, has finally addressed the criticism he has been facing in recent weeks. The “Akokoa” hitmaker has been under scrutiny on social media platforms, particularly X (formerly Twitter), for his public appearances, speech, and behavior.

In a recent interview, Safo Newman dismissed all the concerns and suggestions made by Ghanaians.

During the interview, Code Micky brought up the idea of Safo Newman becoming a songwriter for others to perform his songs.

Safo Newman acknowledged that he had seen such comments on social media but emphasized that his passion lies in singing.

He expressed his determination to pursue his musical path, stating that he has been dedicated to his craft for years and that he has not forced anyone to like his work.

In response to the criticism, Safo Newman asserted that everyone has their own dreams and aspirations, and he is focused on following his passion for singing.

He made it clear that he is not swayed by the opinions of others and is committed to staying true to himself as an artist.

Despite the backlash, Safo Newman remains steadfast in his belief in his musical abilities and his chosen path as a performer.

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