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Kusaug Excellence Awards 2021, full list of nominees updated



The management of Broad Shuldaz Entertainment who are the organizers of the Maiden edition of the kusaug Excellence Awards has duely released the final full list of nominees to the public .

Below are the list of nominees and everyone is expected to check it out

Most Popular Song of the Year

  1. Trippy GH – Badder than dem
  2. King Olaiya FRGz ft FRGz Bless Boi – Ligida Wami
  3. Naa Beely – Nobody wan die
  4. Fresh Faya ft Raigner Punani – Wedding
  5. Boey P – Korna
  6. Young Shaker ft De Donzy – Kon Kon ka
  7. Hero GH – Big Talk
  8. Thunder Bwoy – Bless Me
  9. A. M. Sark – Ma Chargie

Discovery Artist/Song of the Year

  1. Nelson Monick – Bad Gyal
  2. Rich Hi-Star – What’s Up
  3. Swagantz – Day n Night
  4. DK Wagzy – One Chance
  5. Thunder Boy – Bless Me
  6. Yasco GH – Money
  7. Flamebwoy GH – Next Level
  8. Sauce-Khid GH – Hard Knock
  9. Capable One – True Love

Reggae Dancehall Artist/Song of the Year

  1. Blakka T – Pamela
  2. Flamebwoy GH – Next Level
  3. Hero GH – Wisdom & Knowledge
  4. Khareem Jnr ft Ras Beenie – Government
  5. Rago Bwoy – poverty

Rapper of the Year

  1. Success GH – Creativity
  2. Trippy GH – Reality Vibes
  3. Don Charmmy – No Going Back
  4. Yariima – Am Me
  5. Khareem Jnr – What’s Free
  6. Prekese – ooh! Yeh
  7. Jabre Yaro – wonder

Best Collaboration Song of the Year

  1. Trippy GH ft Starboy Lexis – Reality Vibe
  2. Myncet ft Kano – Money
  3. Xylene Savannah ft Teflon Flex – Opana
  4. Naa Beely ft Fresh Faya – Somebody wife
  5. Khareem Jnr ft Ras Beenie – Government
  6. King Olaiya FRGz ft Devolee – Way
  7. Boey P ft Ratty Bangarang – Bad Influence
  8. Blaq Vyper Starlaogee ft King Future – Correct Me

Afro Pop/Afrobeats Artist/Song of the Year

  1. Trippy GH – Odo
  2. Myncet – Found Luv
  3. Xylene Savannah ft Teflon Flexx – Opana
  4. Naa Beely – 4 My Baby
  5. Thunder Bowy – Rich Life
  6. Nelcon ft Madd Ceasor – You Know
  7. Real Hajj – Heart Desire
  8. Wiz Gallardo – World Wide

Traditional Artist/Song of the Year

  1. Born Fire Boys – Nbalami
  2. Kumbo Yumah – Nongime Taaba
  3. Abanga Sophia – Nsidaa Nsidaa

Hip Pop Artist/Song of the Year

  1. Rich Hi-Star – What’s Up
  2. Yariima – Am Me
  3. Black Vyper Starlaogee ft Good & Bad – Sika an ye bre
  4. Khareem Jnr – Blood and Tears

Hip Life Artist/Song of the Year

  1. Star Gyal ft Fresh Faya – Employer
  2. Nelson Monick – Bad Gyal
  3. Capable One ft Naa Beely – Vision
  4. Real Hajj – Swag Sapashini
  5. Boey P ft Keddi – show body
  6. R. K. Bwoy – Lotto
  7. Nelcon GH – Yokoo

Vocalist of the Year

  1. Trippy GH – There is Hope
  2. Myncet – Tomorrow
  3. Star Gyal ft Fresh Faya – Confidence
  4. Xylene Savannah ft Kobbybeats – Salaamu alaikum
  5. Seth Apam – Mam Sam
  6. Khareem Jnr – Love O’Clock
  7. Boey P – Korna

Best Entertainer of the Year

  1. Trippy GH
  2. Star Gyal
  3. Fresh Faya
  4. Hero GH

Sound Engineer of the Year

  1. Boey P
  2. FRGz Bless Boi

Fanbase Act of the Year

  1. Rap Kpeing Family
  2. P Nation
  3. The Hero Family

Dance Group of the Year

  1. Dance King Crew
  2. Oga Dance Crew
  3. Afro Smart Dancers
  4. Incredible Dancers
  5. Infinity Dancers
  6. Gilwander Dancers
  7. Top Dancers
  8. Streets Legend

Gospel Artist/Song of the Year

  1. Holikeys – Winaam Fu Zuoya
  2. Abanga Sophia – Holy Ghost Fire
  3. Gifty Akutek – Gurimam
  4. Seth Apam – Mam Sam

Music Video of the Year

  1. DK Wagzy ft Young Pop – Rosalinda
  2. Boey P – Nothing Dey Man
  3. Don Charmmy – Village Champion
  4. R. K. Boy – Hustle
  5. New Boy ft Concious – My Baby

Developmental Artist/Song of the Year

  1. Fresh Faya – Corona Virus
  2. Hajia Police – Corona Virus Album of the Year
  3. Fresh Faya – Bless Me
  4. Boey P – Small Boy with Big God
  5. Hero GH – My Lifestyle

Artist of the Year

  1. Fresh Faya
  2. Boey P
  3. Trippy GH
  4. Don Charmmy
  5. FlameBwoy
  6. Khareem Jnr.
  7. Seth Apam
  8. New Boy

Radio DJ of the Year

  1. DJ Ionic
  2. DJ Phloppy
  3. DJ Smart

Entertainment Blogger/Portal of the Year

  1. Ambitious GH –
  2. DK Wagzy –

Entertainment DJ of the Year

  1. DJ Last 2
  2. DJ Willpower
  3. DJ Oska

Movie Producer of the Year

  1. Akolgo 1 day 1 day
  2. Awinimi

Movie Actor of the Year

  1. Akologo 1 Day 1 Day –
  2. Lamisi –
  3. Carlos –
  4. Mariam –

Comedy Actor of the Year

  1. Agya Koo –
  2. Lamisi –

Model of the Year

  1. Prince Fazzy
  2. Abdul Rahman Zainab Akasiga
  3. Comfort Winimi

Cinematographer of the Year

  1. Director Billion
  2. Musah Abdul-Majeed

Movie of the Year

  1. Nintaa Nintaam
  2. Poa’yand Bed
  3. Nam Yella
  4. Nakom

Below is the voting procedures so anyone wants to vote should these steps to cast their votes.


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Recall that Bobrisky had earlier made headlines after he underwent his second BBL where he enhanced his backside.

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Moreover, this connection between Stonebwoy and Swae Lee showcases the power of music in bringing people together, regardless of geographical boundaries. It promotes cultural exchange and understanding, fostering unity and appreciation for diverse musical expressions.

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