Man who sends his beautiful daughter for money rïtuàls arrested upon arrival (Video)

Man sent his innocent daughter to a herbalist for her to be used as sàcrifïce in other for him to get money. The man is said to have had twelve children, and he planned to use two of them for møney, but unfortunately, things did not go as he planned.

The honest herbalist who is said to have had training in the Ghana Military Service called the police to arrest the man. The man was ready to go through any process in other for him to get the money, but thanks to this honest herbalist.

The man told the herbalist he has been abroad for many years but still, things are not going well for him there, so he came to Ghana to use two of her children for money rïtuàls.

The little girl she brought to the herbalist to be used for the rïtuàls was picked from school, her mother had no idea what the man had planned to do with the kid.

The man has been arrested and now we are waiting for the time he will be taken to court for the court to decide the type of punishment he deserved.

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