Nelcon drops “kom”, a mind blowing tune which tells a story of the poor(Listen and Download)

The Upper East Region of Ghana is buzzing with excitement as local artist Nelcon continues to make waves in the music industry. Hailing from Binaba, this talented performer has been steadily gaining a devoted following throughout the Kusaug area with his catchy tunes and relatable lyrics.

Nelcon has already released several hit songs that have become fan favorites. Tracks like “Yokoo,” “Kooko,” and “G Town Niggas” have been lighting up local airwaves and dance floors, showcasing the artist’s unique style and ability to create infectious rhythms.

But Nelcon isn’t content to rest on his past successes. His latest single, “Kom” (which translates to “Starvation” in English), has just dropped on all major streaming platforms. This new track takes a more introspective turn, delving into the complexities of life and the experiences that shape us. It’s a testament to Nelcon’s growth as an artist and his willingness to tackle deeper themes in his music.

The release of “Kom” is generating significant buzz among music lovers in the region and beyond. Fans of Nelcon’s previous work, as well as those new to his music, are encouraged to give this latest offering a listen. With its thoughtful lyrics and Nelcon’s signature sound, “Kom” promises to be another hit for this rising star.

As Nelcon’s popularity continues to grow, he’s quickly becoming one of the most exciting artists to watch in Ghana’s vibrant music scene. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering his music, now is the perfect time to tune in and experience the unique talent of this Binaba-born sensation.

Don’t miss out on “Kom” – available now on all major streaming platforms. Give it a listen and see why Nelcon is making such a big impact on the Upper East Region’s music landscape!


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