New dance video of Fancy Gadam shows he is the dance god[Watch ]

A trending video of the biggest artiste from the northern part of Ghana, Fancy Gadam has shown that he is one of the most skillful dancers in the country.

Ahmed Mujaheid Bello popularly known as Fancy Gadam actually started his street life as a dancer in the Zongos of Tamale the capital city of the northern region but eventually became one of the biggest musical artist in the country after putting so much effort into his talent as a musician.

Everything in the trending video shows that Fancy Gadam is a born dancer , he shows all skills from the early 2000s to the latest ones , in fact the skills that he showed at this particular event is far beyond what we have been seeing and it provides enough evidence that he can beat almost all the dancers in Ghana if theres such a competition.

Watch the video below and judge it yourself.

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