P- Square is finally back together after parting ways for a long time ( video)

Popular Nigerian music duo P-Square, known at home as Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye are identical twins who are very talented so singer’s . These twins started music in the early 2000s and we’re very popular in Africa and the world until they parted ways some years back because of issues that they termed as family feud .

Fans and music lovers are very excited as the news broke some days back which indicates that one of the them had sent the others children for shopping and finally the followed one another on Instagram again .

Actually because people were very surprised how twins can separate like that but looking at the situation marriage is one factor that cause their split because they were very close and doing wonders through music until they got married and issues started coming in . They broke up and came back in 2017 and broke up again . We wish this unity should be final and there should not be any break up again.

Watch the video of the Musicians coming together as one as they exchange greetings cheerfully .


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