See Stonebwoy’s reply to Rocky Dawuni for saying he’s not a Grammy nominee

Some days ago a video popped up on social media that saw Grammy nominated musician, Rocky Dawuni, saying that being featured on an Album does not make you a Grammy nominee.

He said this after reports of Stonebwoy’s supposed nomination at the Grammys by virtue of the fact that 3 albums on which he was featured on got nominations at the Grammys.

Speaking on this, Dawuni said:

“There is a lot of confusion as you would understand, Grammy nomination is for a body of work, so there is a difference between a nominee for a Grammy and also featuring to be part of a song of a Grammy nominated album. You have contributed to the song, but you are not a nominee. The thing is, I am not the one saying it, you should go to the Academy website and see who are the nominees”, he said.

He continued saying:

“I think that sometimes…been featured on a record is a great achievement, it’s really great… but we have to also recognise what is… we can’t create our own rules here and be using those rules.”

Stonebwoy has obviously seen these comments coming from the Raggae musician. Taking to Snapchat, the BHIM Nation boss took an indirect swipe at him.

The father of two implied that Dawuni simply wants to underrate his achievements and make it look to Ghanaians as if they are nothing.

In his post, he wrote: “Chairman is so quick to remove credit on a young kid. We know them o.. but we think say dem change o chai dem never change

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