Teacher trainees asked to bring plastic chairs to school (details)

Atebubu college of education is a teacher training college located within the Atebubu Amantin Municipality in the Bono East Region that was founded in October 1965. It is also the only college of education located in the eastern corridor of the then Brong Ahafo Region. The college has a population of about 1745 Students and 108 staff members with Doctor Samuel Addae- Boateng as the principal.

The school has core values of pursuing relentless academic excellence, embracing diversity and inclusion, believing in hardwork, integrity and honesty and to exist as an institution primarily because of students. Students who have passes in Mathematics, English and Science or Social studies and three other passes in their elective subjects are qualified to be offered admission to pursue the Four-Year B.ed program.

The Students Representative Council (SRC) of the Atebubu college of education in a recent communique has directed that all level hundred students are to come along with plastic chairs when coming to school next semester just because the school is lacking furniture.

The level hundred students in a response is asking for the legal basis on which the SRC is using to ask students to bring chairs to school.

It is all known that it the responsibility of the Government to procure furniture for use by students. In these times of the economic hardships impending on students and parents, students are in addition required to bring chairs to school. Students have in the last four months not received their allowances and so most of them haven’t even being able to pay their exam fees .

Level hundreds of Atebubu college of education are calling on all media houses and stakeholders of education to come to their rescue. They are demanding that the SRC removes that obnoxious, problematic and discriminatory policy requesting that all level hundred students come to school with plastic chairs in their first year second semester.

Credit :Ghanaweb

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