We’ll Block All Unregistered SIM Cards After 31st July – MTN Warns

As the 31st July 2022 cutoff time for individuals to link their SIM cards to their Ghana Card approaches, telecoms market pioneer, MTN has cautioned that it doesn’t plan to give space for any client who neglects to meet the deadline as coordinated by the government.

The Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana, Serlom Adadevoh, gave the admonition in Kumasi at a media and partners Forum for chosen columnists and others.Mr. Adadevoh revealed that MTN had, at the close of work on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, finished the consolidation linkage of around 16.8 million which is about 60 percent of its clients.

He noticed that around 10.8 million others, the remaining 40% of MTN users have finished the main cycle which is self-service who should essentially go to any of the setup bio registration centers in the country to finish their National Identification process in consistence with the government’s order.

Mr. Adadevoh reiterated that MTN Ghana will successfully obstruct the cell phone contact of any of its users who will not be able to finish the linkage after the 31st deadline.He also noticed that the deadline for the completion of the SIM Card-Ghana Card linkage, which is 31st July, is unique in relation to the Bank of Ghana’s deadline to all Banks in the country, which is the 30th of June, to quit tolerating other national ID Card for banking exchanges and asked individuals from the general population to observe the time distinction in the two public orders.

Addressing different issues, Mr. Adadevor unveiled that MTN is on course to contribute around one point-seven billion Ghana Cedis in interest in Ghana’s telecommunication infrastructure this year while a definitive objective is one billion Dollars in infrastructure toward the finish of 2025.

He said his organization is supporting the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications, GIFEC to extend communication to rural areas in the country with the target of expanding media transmission access.

Mr. Adadevoh communicated stress over the increasing pace of obliteration of fiber cables which is one of the means through which telecommunication is administered to individuals.The CEO referenced robbery, and annihilation through street development among others as the significant reason for the issue which he noted is adding to unfortunate correspondence benefits at times.He subsequently engaged all partners to assist with halting the issue in order to guarantee a continuous service solution.


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