Wendy Shay narrates how she suffered broken heart from her previous lovers (video)

Wendy Shay has revealed that she has been served breakfast and she ate it humbly. The Ghanaian singer whilst talking about her new song in a recent interview has disclosed that it’s a broken heart song personal to her. “My new song ‘Survivor’ is a broken heart song, it’s a personal song to me,” she said.

Lyrics of the first verse of the song, got Wendy singing, “thunder fire go strike you (Motherf*cker), for the thing, you do to me, Then I no make ready for love, But the things you do make I fall Now look at that boy monkey“

After disclosing that the song is a broken heart piece, she continued that “because you know broken heart is universal, it doesn’t know if you are an artist or you are a star or whatever, it can happen to a man it can happen to a woman“

In her interview with Glitch Africa, she added that “so I decided to do a song top empower women, especially those who are in abusive relationships. So what really gingered this song was when I heard the death of the late Nigerian Gospel singer Osinachi“.

The Nigerian singer sorrowfully died on April 8, 2022, after her husband, Peter Nwachukwu, allegedly kicked her in the chest. Some news portals first reported that Osinachi died from throat cancer until award-winning gospel artiste, Frank Edwards opened pandora’s box of mysteries surrounding the gospel artiste’s death.

According to Wendy Shay, the incident also influenced her to record her broken heart song. “That was the only way I could display my anger, through music and I want every woman and in some cases men to tap into that energy to let out any anger in them,” she said.

As to who else broke Wendy’s heart, she did not mention it in the interview below.


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