Yawa: The Moment Hajia4Real Sacks A Guy From touching her backside(video)

Yawa moment as Ghana biggest slay queen, Hajia 4real sacked a guy from her backside on the dancing floor at an event.

Some people can be so brave that they could wish to move Mountain, such is the behavior of a young man who wanted to jump behind Hajia 4real and have an experience of how the asset feels like but got denied.

In a normal circumstance, Hajia 4real would never trade the highly invested behind for anything and would not like young peeps to enjoy for free that is a fact.

From a video we saw, It was an occasion where all and sundry were on the dance floor, Hajia 4real then jumped twisting and shaking the asset here and there, grabbing his attention, the unknown brave guy jumped to enjoy but a just a turn and a look with pensive eye contact gave him a sack which is a clear indication of disapproval.



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