Bawku:Fancy Gadam hints on releasing a peace campaign song with Fresh Faya (video )

Ghanaian popular musician Fancy Gadam hints on composing a peace campaign song to educate his fans and the people to reduce the level of destruction the conflict is causing to the people.

In an interview on Class TV with SammyFlexx Fancy Gadam was asked what his contribution is to bringing peace to Bawku since the conflict is causing more harm than good to the people if Ghana. Quickly, Fancy Gadam replied by saying he has done so many peace campaign songs for the people of Ghana and Bawku will not be lept out . He said he is working on an educative song with Bawku based Artiste Fresh Faya to educate his fans and the people of Bawku on the effects of the Conflict and plead on them to get a good way to bring lasting peace to the area.

Watch the interview below;

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