The Power of Family Support: Professor George Agbango’s Heartwarming Message to Grandson Demboy Tikuba


In the age of social media, where connections are often fleeting and superficial, it’s refreshing to witness a moment of genuine family support and encouragement. Such a moment recently unfolded on Facebook when Professor George Agbango left a touching comment on his grandson Demboy Tikuba’s post. Demboy Tikuba, an aspiring musician, re

“I am the most wanted producer in kusaug”  Boey P  says as he celebrates 8 years of Music production


In a message gratitude to his fans and collaborators, Zebilla-based Ghanaian sound engineer and beat producer Boey P recently marked a significant milestone in his career. Celebrating eight years of music production in the Kusaug Kingdom, Boey P expressed his gratitude and reflected on his journey to becoming one of the most sought-after producers

Organizers of Sallah Showdown Banquet appreciates patrons of the event and apologises for all inconveniences that occurred :


On Saturday, June 22nd, 2024, the vibrant town of Zebilla came alive with the Sallah Showdown Banquet, an event that brought together community members for an evening of festivities and shared joy. Hosted by African Event Consult  at the popular Zee Quench Restaurant, the banquet proved to be a memorable celebration of Sallah. The organizers [&hell

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