Fans go crazy to the performance of Vimbwoy as they throw cash on him and sing a long [Video]


A rising star is making waves in the Kusaug music scene. Kusaasi Vimbwoy, known by his stage name K Vimbwoy, is quickly becoming a household name with his unique musical style and high energy performances. Originally from Bawku in the Kusaug Kingdom of northern Ghana, K Vimbwoy first gained attention collaborating with popular artists like [&hellip

“Don’t put artistes on your show without informing them” ,King PC Calls Out Unethical Promotion Tactics Among Kusaug Artists


King PC, a popular singer, rapper, and sound engineer from Garu, has spoken out against the troubling trend of upcoming Kusaug artists using his image on promotional materials without his consent. In a recent statement, King PC expressed frustration that new artists have been adding his photo to flyers and posters advertising their concerts, creati

“Is this dimples or Pothole?” —Young Lady goes Viral after sharing the photos of her Unique face on tiktok. (Video)


beautiful Nigerian lady has caused controversy on social media after showing off her deep facial dimples. HBAgencyThe proud lady shared photos and videos via her TikTok account @dara_smiles, revealing how unique her dimples looked. However, some people who came across the photos did not find it attractive as they insisted it was too big. Others [&h

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