“Tell Stonebwoy to bring me to Ghana for his show in December please” ,Jamaican star kabaka Pyramid urges

Despite his best efforts, Jamaican reggae artist Kabaka Pyramid has yet to grace the stage in Africa, the birthplace of his ancestors. In a candid message, he sheds light on the frustrating hurdles that have prevented him from realizing this dream.

Year after year, Kabaka Pyramid’s team confirms fees with promoters across the African continent, sometimes with as many as three in a single year. However, for reasons beyond their control, these promising opportunities consistently fall through. Whether it’s event cancellations, unresponsive promoters, or the unfortunate reality of warfare and political unrest, the obstacles have proven insurmountable.

Kabaka Pyramid emphasizes that his team’s approach is not driven by profit motives. Instead, they prioritize setting reasonable fees based on the venue’s capacity and budget, ensuring that their desire to perform in Africa is not hindered by financial considerations.

Despite his disappointment, Kabaka Pyramid remains determined to connect with his ancestral homeland. He fondly recalls his visit to Morocco, which he describes as a special experience. However, he acknowledges that the feeling he seeks – a profound connection to his roots – has yet to be fully realized.

In a heartfelt plea, Kabaka Pyramid extends an invitation to his fellow reggae artist, Stonebwoy, requesting his assistance in securing a performance opportunity at Stonebwoy’s show in Ghana this upcoming December.

Kabaka Pyramid’s unwavering determination to perform in Africa is a testament to his deep appreciation for his cultural heritage and his commitment to sharing his music with audiences across the globe. As he continues to navigate the challenges, his fans eagerly await the day when he will finally grace the stage in the land of his ancestors, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Below is a screenshot of his post from Facebook.

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