I have not slept with Fella Makafui for almost a year now – Medikal

AMG Medikal the Ghanaian rapper, who recently sold out London’s renowned 02 Indigo, claimed that he and his spouse have not had a personal relationship in over a year.

In the larger picture, the disclosure clarifies one of the many factors that influenced their choice to part ways.

Before making this most recent disclosure, Medikal disclosed an incident in which Fella Makafui requested that her cousin Bless leave their home, prompting her to phone the police and request that he be arrested.

Medikal made it clear that Bless has become a constant source of trouble for both him and his marriage, prompting him to ask her to leave after being with them for two years.

A social media user who seemed to have inside knowledge about the Frimpongs (Medikal and Fella), revealed that the pair lived in the same house but had chosen to separate,

The young man said that he thought it extremely unlikely that they would live together and not have sexual contact, even despite their seeming misunderstanding.

The netizen wrote;

“Medikal and Fella still stay in the same house, dem wan stay together then co parent but separated Here no be America oo una go still knack The video sef Fella dey wear night gown meaning dem dey stay in same house.”

Medikal responded by saying;

“It’s been almost a year, we never nack, we live in separate rooms. I have a Nanny who takes care of my daughter! I wouldn’t have been this informative but since she involved the public and called the cops on me rather than solving it home amicably, it’s best y’all be in the known.”

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