Sarkodie didn’t pay me for the ‘Trumpet’ feature but…. – Koo Ntakra explains (video)

Up-and-coming Ghanaian rap artist Isaac Akuffo, better known by his stage name Koo Ntakra, recently opened up about his experience featuring on Sarkodie’s hit song “Trumpet.” In an interview, Koo Ntakra revealed that while he didn’t receive any monetary compensation for his verse on the popular track, the opportunity itself has proven invaluable for his burgeoning career.

“When I got the chance to feature on ‘Trumpet’ with Sarkodie, I didn’t get paid,” Koo Ntakra admitted. “But even if Sarkodie had given me 200,000 Ghanaian cedis (approximately $20,000 USD), it wouldn’t have added as much value to my career as that feature did.”

For the Koforidua-based rapper, the exposure and recognition he gained from appearing on a Sarkodie song – one of the biggest hits from the Ghanaian rap icon was priceless. “That opportunity has helped my career tremendously,” Koo Ntakra explained. “The doors it opened for me and the attention it brought to my music is worth way more than any one-time paycheck.”

Koo Ntakra’s candid comments highlight the complex realities facing up-and-coming artists in the music industry. While financial compensation is certainly important, sometimes the long-term benefits of increased visibility and credibility can outweigh an immediate payday, especially when working with an established superstar act like Sarkodie.

By graciously accepting the unpaid feature and recognizing its potential to elevate his career trajectory, Koo Ntakra displayed a level of foresight and hunger for success that could serve him well as he continues to make his mark on the Ghanaian music scene and beyond.

As his career moves forward, buoyed by the momentum from his “Trumpet” cameo, Koo Ntakra’s story serves as an inspiring example for aspiring artists weighing financial considerations against potential career-making opportunities. Sometimes, taking the chance and playing the long game can lead to rewards more valuable than money alone.

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