Big wings in the Ghana music industry have plot against Black Sherif; Popular spiritualist reveals

A popular Ghanaian powerful spiritualist called ” Nana Kyiri Bayifo ” has revealed that Black Sherif, The biggest and the youngest Ghanaian singer is under a spiritual attack by popular persons in the music industry.

According to the spiritualist in a video sited by, there are some popular persons in the Ghanaian music space who have an evil plan against Black Sherif, they said persons are planning to ruin Black Sherif’s music career by giving him a deadly cancer, he continued by saying Black Sherif should be very careful with the female models and video vixens that may be part in any of his video shoot or any stage performances because it is through these females that Black Sherif’s enemies are going to get him .

Nana Kyiri Bayifo according to our little research is a popular spiritualist in kumasi who has always been giving out revelations which mostly comes through so this particular revelation is so dangerous as we all know how popular Black Sherif is and how people hate others for being successful.

Our team member saw the video in a YouTube channel named ” Nana Kyiri Bayifo TV ” ,in the video the so called spiritualist mention all this about how the people are trying so hard to get Black Sherif’s career dead. He said he has made so many efforts to reach Black Sherif’s management but I seem they don’t take the issue serious and that is the reason why he is now putting the information in the public.

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You can watch the full video on the channel below:

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