Criss Waddle Takes On King Promise And R2Bees For Snubbing His AMG Konnect Concert

Criss Waddle got a few things off his chest as he expressed his disappointment in King Promise and R2Bees for failing to perform a d support him at his concert.
On Saturday, December 17, Criss Waddle and Medikal hosted their “AMG Konnect Concert” at Greens Lounge, which was attended by many artists.

There were other artistes who Graced the event that but the big moment was when Shatta Wale stepped on stage and was mobbed by fans preventing him from performing.

However, Criss Waddle took to social media to express his disappointment, revealing how King Promise and R2Bees boycotted his AMG Konnect Concert despite the fact that they were good friends and he needed them to show him love at his concert.

According to the AMG Boss, he is astonished as to why R2Bees and King Promise’s management both refused to let them pass through at his show because he had paid his dues to them as a loyal friend, and he does not deserve this kind of snub.

In his own words below:

“@chene_faruku u still Dey manage king promise? so u watch promise go perform for Gyakie en show under way u no fit tell am say bro make we pass Waddle and mekidal their show under for 5 minutes them too be family ?

“Now I understand why me and king promise our song never happen l @killbeatz_gh1 dier you.tomorrow way I go talk my matter

“U gomi u make ur black face like my Land Cruiser en spare tyre,that R2bees manager title Dey sweet u pass.last year December no be me force Agazy to give you show for tema? who was ready to book you in tema?

“Now one year come me too I dey do my show u no get sense to tell ur people say chale for 20 years this our boy has served and actually deserves some 3 seconds surprise performance

“For 20 fvck*** years bro, I stayed behind the scenes and played my role until AMG came. I’ve always been comfortable being at the back seat even till today”

“U gomi when u join R2bees,a whole amg concert I performed only 4 songs cus u tell me say Boy’s Dey come so I hold back forgetti Obia feat paedae and papeep with mugeez so say we go do am together before I do other songs,u gomi u told me Boy’s Dey come, even mugeez told me tonight we dey pull up, me and MedikaL and shatta Wale Dey on conferencel I tell dem oh R2bees Dey come, i delay Wale en performance even though he was in tema about 2/3hours before MediaL and I claimed the stage So say we All go make the fans happy.

“Just for clarification sake, this is not for any Fucking clout or trends, I don’t even care about fame. I’m not about to drop any album or any new song,this is just me being tired of the disrespect and disloyalty. Been taken for granted for 20 years!

“Killbeat dier e make en Rasta like Bob without Marley, he and Ohene collect me money for a song featuring promise, Ohene say killa say pay for beat first, them collect that money since 2017/2018 nobody talk about that song again

“But this same killbeat en mother en eye operation back in the days guess what I did?but when it was time for music they actually gave me an amount to pay me I just do am like my mind no Dey work

“I buy car on a Thursday way that same Thursday Ohene take the car go get accident, b4 the accident he said to me,make we go club I say naa I want meditate he say he for go meet some girls so he want take go?I say cool,u fit take go,money Dey the

“Glove compartment, so take some chill the girls,4am Same day call me say he do yawa, why ah he sleep take the car go crush some woman en toyota,chale long story short we go hospital I paid all the bills,the woman’s husband was a lawyer so he vex

“He take Ohene go court our first appearance them remind Ohene for prison costody 6 6 e be me the same waddle way I do calls saa spend money way them cancel that case.

“Guess what I fly come back till today I no see my car with my eyes but I never asked Ohene cus guess what?that’s my brother,but when I had to do a song with king promise Ohene mention amount for me to pay killbeat

“I pay kill beat till today the beat pana nanaa self I no get & but I never complain or vex

“Bro this same Ohene be somebody my first time traveling to America,he bring agent way I paid for both me and him 0000,u Dey manage promise today just one song for my album u Dey do me today tomorrow today tomorrow even after making me pay killbeat

“For the beat, like at least give me the beat make I go do am with some other person self eh

“The fact self say u fit watch my face charge me beat I laugh for my head & Gl said in my head Ah well maybe them need the money for something urgently I just pay you right there and then but u scam me — Criss Waddle concluded


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