Fancy Gadam releases “Ti chilirimi” off his forthcoming “competition ” album (Listen)

Ghanaian music sensation Fancy Gadam is back with a bang, releasing his latest track “Ti chilirimi” off his upcoming album “Competition.” This highly anticipated song features a star-studded lineup, including Papi Suwede, 2sad, David Aj, and Don Zelle. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this collaboration, which promises to be a hit.

“Ti chilirimi” showcases Fancy Gadam’s unique style and musical prowess. The addition of Papi Suwede, 2sad, David Aj, and Don Zelle adds an extra layer of excitement to the track. Each artist brings their own distinct flavor, creating a dynamic and captivating listening

We encourage music lovers to support Fancy Gadam and the featured artists by streaming and sharing “Ti chilirimi.” By doing so, fans can help propel this track to new heights and showcase their love for Ghanaian music. This collaboration is undoubtedly a must-listen for all music enthusiasts.

Fancy Gadam ft. 2Sad, Don Zelle, David Aj, & Papi Suwede Download Mp3

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