Fancy Gadam set another record as over 15,000 fans gathered at the Tamale sports stadium to watch him perform (video)

Fancy Gadam has proven to the world that he is actually the king in terms of talent and fan base in the northern part of Ghana.
The Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium was already packed when the underground Artists were performing at his concert around 11:00 p.m.

One of his fans stated, “The number of people they have seen in the stadium at that time have really proven to them that it has never done before,that the Ruler has set a new record”

see the pictures below

Fancy Gadam celebrated his 10-year anniversary of being a part of the music industry. He also used this concert to express his gratitude to God for bringing him this far.
As a result, some veteran musicians were invited to perform.

Watch the video below

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