Fella Makafui Flaunts Her Newly-Acquired Toyota Prado Worth Over $60,000 On Social Media

Ghanaian actress and entreprenuer, Fella Makafui has decided to kick off the new year in a resplendent manner by acquiring a white coated 2023 Toyota Prado.

Fella decided to get this car which is reportedly worth over $62,000 as a dazzling addition to her assets.

The proud mother of one couldn’t contain her excitement as she shared this delightful news with her fans and followers on various social media platforms.

With a series of photos, Fella Makafui radiated confidence and sophistication, posing alongside her sleek Toyota Prado.

Clothed in an attire that effortlessly blended simplicity with style, the award-winning actress took a moment to express her joy and gratitude for this latest addition to her growing list of possessions. In her social media captions accompanying the glamorous snapshots, Fella Makafui attributed the acquisition to the relentless commitment she has invested in her illustrious career, showcasing the tangible fruits of her unwavering hard work.

In her own words, she wrote, “Just got myself a new toy. 2024 already looking good! 💫 #biggestfella #hardworkpays.”

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