“He didn’t charge me anything ” Jahkid Jester shows gratitude to King Pc for giving him a verse for free(watch video)

Jahkid Jester, an emerging artist from Tempane in the Upper East Region of Ghana, recently dropped a new track titled “Bazi” featuring veteran musician King PC. The song, which translates to “They Don’t Know,” has quickly gone viral among listeners in the Kusaug area.


In a recent radio interview with DJ Smart, Jahkid Jester expressed his gratitude to King PC for collaborating on the track. According to Jester, King PC did not charge him for featuring on “Bazi” and only collected payment for his production work on the song.


Jester said, “I’m so thankful to King PC for jumping on this track. He didn’t take any money for his verse and only charged me for the production. It just shows he wanted to support an up-and-coming artist from his region.”


“Bazi” marks Jester’s breakthroughonto the Ghanian music scene. The infectious beat and catchy lyrics showcase his talent and diversity as a new voice in the industry. Having a legend like King PC feature on his single will surely give Jester’s career a boost.


Jester and King PC’s collaboration highlights the importance of established artists lifting up emerging talents in Ghana’s music community. Their cross-generational partnership on “Bazi” demonstrates how veterans can provide invaluable mentorship and signal-boosting opportunities for new artists.


As “Bazi” climbs the charts, all eyes will be on Jahkid Jester to see what he delivers next. But for now, his future looks bright with King PC in his corner.

Watch the video below.

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