I am not happy how Fad Lan rolls with Fancy Gadam knowing very well that he’s my enemy, Maccasio cries out

Northern based Ghanaian rapper Sherif Abdul Majeed known in showbiz as Maccasio has said in an interview with Sammyflex that he is not happy with Fad Lan because he rolls with Fancy Gadam who is his enemy.

In the interview he said Fad lan is his boy from day one ,he has helped him than any other person here in the North but he’s surprised and unhappy how Fad Lan every move with Fancy Gadam than him , Fad Lan even added Fancy Gadam to his show and left him out which is painful.

Fans and social media users are also surprised after hearing this from Maccasio because all they know is that he (Maccasio) and Fancy Gadam are just rivals on the music business but they didn’t know it is up to personal enemity. Others also have the view that grammar is a major problem for Maccasio hence the use enemies instead of rivals.

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