I still stand on my words that Fancy Gadam sabotaged my Queen Solomon Concert, Sista Afia reveals

Sista Afia made shocking allegations this week against fellow Ghanaian musician Fancy Gadam, claiming he sabotaged her recent Queen Solomon concert in Tamale. According to Afia, she had contracted Gadam to perform at the show for 100,000 cedis. When she requested a discount, he agreed to lower his fee to 50,000 cedis. However, Gadam ultimately did not show up on the day of the concert.

Afia believes Gadam’s absence contributed to the show’s failure to attract fans and go off smoothly. She explains that Queen Solomon was intended to take place at Tamale Sports Stadium, hoping to draw large crowds in Gadam’s hometown. As one of the biggest artists from the region along with musician Maccasio, Gadam’s presence was seen as key to gaining local support.

With neither Gadam nor Maccasio agreeing to perform, the concert flopped badly. Afia suggests Gadam pulled out deliberately to sabotage her event, accusing him of unprofessional and unethical behavior.

Gadam has rejected these claims, stating the late agreement over payment made it impractical for him to successfully promote and prepare for the concert on such short notice. However, Afia maintains he went back on his word and commitment.

The dispute has sparked heated debate in Ghana over artist accountability and integrity. While the facts remain contested, Afia’s experience highlights the dilemmas and risks performers face when organizing events. Her bold decision to call out Gadam demonstrates that she is willing to speak out when feeling wronged, even by more established stars. The controversy shows no sign of dying down, as both artists stand firmly by their side of the story.

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