I suspect Black Sherif knows what killed my daughter ~ Clementina’s father speaks

Mr Clement Kofi Adu Bofour, the father of Clementina, has charged Black Sherif to formally present himself to the family or face disciplinary actions.

Black Sherif has revealed in interviews that his song, Oh Paradise, was inspired by the late Clementina, his girlfriend, who died whilst they were still in school.

According to the grieving father, he finds it distasteful that Black Sherif is making money off his late daughter’s name. He insists that he never met Black Sherif and that the family does not recognise him as their daughter’s lover.

Mr Clement Kofi Adu Bofour said: “I don’t need his money. As you can see, I can take care of myself. Black Sherif is not the one who feeds me, but I’m upset because he is destroying her character in public.

“He is tarnishing my daughter’s name because she was not your lover, but you are claiming she was your girlfriend. The girl was still in school and underage. How did she become your lover?”

Mr Bofour disclosed that he intends to hold Black Sherif accountable for his daughter’s death if he does not come and perform the needed introduction to the family.

Source: Radio Tamale

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