I used to eat the leftovers of Ras Nene (Dr. Likee ), he clothed me and made me who I am today—actor Sobolo

Actor sobolo is one of the renowned actors in Ghana here.

Just recently, actor sobolo was being interviewed by zionfelix and he was asked about how he made it to this day and also successfully.

Actor Sobolo explained his lifestyle on zionfelix tv on YouTube that he was under the feet of the well known actor Ras Nene popularly known today as Dr. Likee.

Actor Sobolo said he had been eating the leftovers of the renowned actor Ras Nene (Dr. Likee) to survive .

He furthermore said he had been clothed by Dr. Likee and hence, if he has been able to reach this far, it is by the grace of the Almighty God and that of Ras Nene (Dr. Likee).

Watch video below:

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