Immabugee Drops New Banger “Tibuzim’ma” (We no be the same)

The up-and-coming Ghanaian rapper Immabugee has released his highly anticipated new single “Tibuzimtaaba” today, and it’s already making waves. The young artist from Zebilla in the Kusaug Kingdom is known for his unique style blending the Kusaal language with Twi and English.

On “Tibuzim’ma,” which translates to “we are not equal,” Immabugee tackles issues of inequality and social stratification with his trademark lyrical dexterity. The track takes aim at those who try to live beyond their means, putting on airs and pretending to be something they’re not.

With hard-hitting rhymes delivered in his distinctive kusaal cadence, Immabugee paints vivid portraits of societal disparities. He calls out the false pretenses and delusions of those striving to emulate the wealthy elite, when in reality “we are not equal.”

While the lyrics pack a powerful social commentary, the beat slaps hard, driven by thumping 808s and hypnotic melodic loops that showcase Immabugee’s ability to craft infectious hip-hop bangers.

Since first emerging on the scene a few years ago, Immabugee has turned heads with his mastery of intertwining multiple languages and displaying an authentic connection to his Northern Ghanaian upbringing. With “Tibuzim’ma,” he elevates his artistry to new heights.

The depth and substance of Immabugee’s lyrics, coupled with his one-of-a-kind flow and production value, posits him as one of the most intriguing and groundbreaking new voices in Ghanaian hip-hop. If “Tibuzimtaaba” is any indication, Immabugee’s rise to wider acclaim is imminent.

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