Is it a Diss song? Many quizzes as Amerado announced a new project titled “letter to Strongman “

Kumasi based fast rising Ghanaian rapper, Amerado has announced that he is coming out with a new song called ” letter to Strongman ” which many people are asking if it is just a letter or a diss track .

This is because,Strongman who is also a bigger rapper in Ghana has been throwing shots here and there which many people guessing some of the shots have hit Amerado and that may be the reason for this incoming letter.

Even when you listen well to the latest Ep from Strongman dubbed ” Buokrom Boy Ep ” you will feel some of the punches which might be straight to Amerado . But what others are talking about too is why would Amerado wait for that long time to reply Strongman? Does that mean he’s Lyrically incapable?

Rappers in Ghana have been on each other’s neck for past years and it has become a norm in the industry. So therefore we are waiting for the letter to be released soon so we can determine who is who.

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