Mohammed Kudus Finds Inspiration in Stonebwoy’s Music as he list his top Five songs from him

Ghanaian footballer Mohammed Kudus, currently playing with West Ham United, recently revealed his top five favorite songs from renowned Ghana reggae and dancehall artist Stonebwoy. These songs hold a special place in Kudus’s heart and have become his go-to tracks for motivation and inspiration.

Topping Kudus’s list is “Come From Far,” a powerful anthem that resonates with his own journey in the world of football. The song’s uplifting lyrics and infectious rhythm remind Kudus of the challenges he has overcome to reach his current position as a professional athlete.

Next on the list is “Where Is The Love,” a thought-provoking track that addresses societal issues and the need for compassion. Kudus appreciates Stonebwoy’s ability to use music as a platform to raise awareness and promote positive change.

“Strength and Hope” holds a special place in Kudus’s heart, as it reflects his own personal mantra. The song’s empowering message encourages perseverance and resilience, qualities that Kudus believes are essential in both sports and life.

“Run Go” takes the fourth spot on Kudus’s list, with its infectious beats and catchy chorus. This track serves as a reminder for Kudus to always stay focused and determined, even in the face of adversity.

Finally, “My Name” completes Kudus’s top five. This song showcases Stonebwoy’s unique style and lyrical prowess, leaving a lasting impression on Kudus. The track’s confident and self-assured tone resonates with Kudus’s own ambitions and aspirations.

As Kudus continues to make strides in his football career, he credits Stonebwoy’s music for providing him with the motivation and inspiration needed to overcome challenges and achieve success. These songs have become the soundtrack

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