My Blood Is Included – Two Men Says As They Fights Over Baby At Naming Ceremony [Video]

Drama as two men fight over the infant and the mother at the naming ceremony after giving birth to a baby boy.

According to the story, Akosua Margarete, the putative mother of the child, became p.regnant without knowing it while in a new relationship with her new partner after breaking up with Osman, a married father of five children and two wives.

Three months after Akosua learned she was p.regnant, he informed her new lover, Kofi Owusu, that he had agreed to pay her price, but Akosua’s family did not agree, preferring that she should give birth first. Kofi Owusu then performed the knocks according to Akosua’s father.

In response to Osman’s allegations, Akosua stated that she was dating him before Kofi Owusu asked for her hands in a relationship in which she was unaware she was p.regnant.

I started seeing Osman with Kofi Owusu and had no idea I was pregnant, therefore since the sign appears to be on Osman’s hand, I’ll give him the baby; Akosua said.

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Source: Africawish

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