“My relationship with Stonebwoy is not that strong again”,_ Samini says

Stonebwoy and Samini

Samini, the dancehall singer, has spoken up about his connection with his prodigy Stonbeow. He claims that, unlike when they worked together, they are no longer as close as they once were.

In an interview with Joy FM in Accra, Samini stated as much.

He said that events that occurred after Stonebwoy became an independent artist tore them apart.

“On Joy FM, I can honestly state that I’m too old to sit here and deceive, throw dust in people’s eyes, or pretend.” “Me and my younger brother ain’t as friendly as I used to know him because of some circumstances I didn’t foresee while or down the line in our professions, and he had gotten Independent while I was still A-List,” he told Joy FM in Accra.

Samini went on to say that he used to have a wonderful relationship with his prodigy and had defended him on multiple occasions, so he was taken aback when Stonebwoy stated he isn’t there for him when he needs him.

“He has a way of linking me on a message, and I have a way of telling him to calm down, maybe don’t talk so much on the radio, maybe do this, maybe do that, so if I know that I and you have that rapport, and I hear you say on the radio that when you need me, I’m not there, it hurts, it makes me sick, and it makes me break down like is he saying this to just keep the thing going?” or is he saying that because now I’m not sure what’s going on, but if I’m a part of it, he doesn’t appear to be as important in the room since I didn’t receive that response?”

“I let that go, then the major clash occurred, and you were on stage, and Wale went to choose one of my songs, and you took the mike and said, ‘If you’re going to pick a song, you’re going to pick a song from a father who sold out his son.’ “How did I manage to sell Stonebwoy out?” He went on to say more.

“Those were the things that pained me because I don’t know how or where I sold Stonebwoy out,” he said. If you hadn’t gone through with the interview, Seani B, you’re aware that I’ve left you texts proving that I’ve been there for you. I’ve done radio interviews based on what you’ve told me, and I’ll message a radio DJ and tell him to put me on because I want to talk about my guy’s stuff, and I ask you not to say anything. So someone like that, if you go back on television and say I haven’t been there for you because I don’t have a mouth, one fine day I’ll sit on Joy and get upset, and I’ll probably leak a little bit of it like am spilling now.

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