New Kusaal Tune “Mamaamie” from Demboy Tikuba and Don Charmmy

The northern Ghanaian music scene is buzzing with the release of “Mamaamie,” a new collaboration between singer Demboy Tikuba and his friend Don Charmmy. Demboy, who hails from the Kusaug region, has been building a following over the past six months with hits like “Forever” and other songs.

Their new track “Mamaamie” is sung in the Kusaal language and highlights Demboy’s struggles and challenges that many may not be aware of. The lyrics paint a picture of his everyday life and the difficulties he faces. By giving voice to these experiences through his music, Demboy provides listeners with an authentic window into his world.

While the full lyrics cannot be reproduced here due to copyright restrictions, early reviews describe “Mamaamie” as a powerful, emotionally resonant tune. Don Charmmy’s contributions as Demboy’s longtime friend and collaborator no doubt helped shape the song’s honest, personal narrative.

With “Mamaamie” leading the way, Demboy Tikuba seems poised to further grow his fanbase both in Ghana and potentially internationally over the coming months. The new single displays his talents as a vocalist and songwriter in the Kusaal musical tradition. Keep an eye out for more releases and live performances as he continues his creative journey.

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