NORSAAC Celebrates 20 Years Anniversary

The Northern Sector Action on Awareness Center (NORSAAC) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is based in the Northern Region of Ghana and focuses on rolling out programs and policies on social issues aimed at transforming and enhancing the living conditions of marginalized people, especially women, young people, and children in the Northern Region.

Norsaac was established in 2002 and has done incredible work in education, health, peacebuilding and stability, social protection, and economic opportunity for the past two decades.

This year’s anniversary is anchored on celebrating an incredible 20 years of success in transforming the lives of vulnerable people in the Northern Region of Ghana by; giving many people a second chance at life, ending child marriage — a severe canker that is more prevalent in the Northern Region.

NORSACC has also improved the livelihood of young people by awarding financial grants for business startups. They have also partnered with CSOs to organize capacity-building workshops for other organizations and MMDAs in the area of taxation. These many achievements have occasioned the theme, “Celebrating 20 Years of Transforming Lives.”

Norsaac has over the years transformed the lives of over a thousand individuals in the country with its policies and projects. As the number one leading NGO with the welfare of citizens as its topmost priority, there would be a public lecture on the 28th of July 2022 at the University for Development Studies’ Multi-Purpose Auditorium at Dungu in Tamale.

The public lecture topic is “Scourge of Violent Extremism in the Sub-Region: Threats to Ghana’s Security, Stability, and Socio-Economic Development.”

One of the panelists, Mr. Adib Saani, is a security expert who recently came up with research revealing that about 200 to 300 young men and women have been recruited by terrorists in the northern parts of Ghana, which is a threat to the security in the region and the lives of the inhabitants.

Tamale is the fastest growing city in West Africa and is closer to border towns, which raises serious security concerns when terrorism is mentioned. It is, however, important to enlighten the residents about the need to be vigilant and security conscious.

The success of Norsaac can’t be measured without mentioning some of its key projects that ended child marriages, teenage pregnancies, gender-based violence, provided funding for startups, scholarships for young but brilliant needy students, and many other positive impacts on society.

Norsaac has also played a major role in the policy influencing and mentoring of students in many secondary and tertiary schools in the northern region.

The 20th anniversary is really worth celebrating and we say Ayeekoo to the management and staff of Norsaac for imparting knowledge and empowering young people, marginalized people, children, and women in Northern Ghana.


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