Sad news hits Honourable Kennedy Agyepong

Many always think that an outspoken person like Kennedy Agyapong who appears to be very vigilant in his dealings will be swindled with ease. He is always advising people to be careful about their dealings with Ghanaian workers especially because most people are not real.


With this in mind, everyone might have thought Kennedy Agyapong is immune to swindling but the worse has happened to him. A fearless young man and his gang have done the unthinkable by proving to Kennedy Agyapong that they are smart. They have bolted with his seven million dollars to the amazement of many people.


Apparently, Kennedy Agyapong had engaged the young boys who had promised to supply him with some machines. They boldly engaged him and took an amount of seven million dollars with a promise of providing the machine in the shortest possible time. Kennedy Agyapong was rest- assured that his machines will be sent to him in no time but the opposite has been the case.

The thirty-one years old gang leader whose name has been given as Nana Boadu has since refused to contact Kennedy Agyapong neither has he made any plans of bringing the machines. Kennedy Agyapong has tried many times to restore contacts with the ‘boys’ but that has proven unsuccessful. He is ready to deal with them from their hideout by ensuring that every single move they make is monitored.



With this, Kennedy Agyapong has started blocking all avenues where the group has been operating. He has sworn on The Attitude Program on NET 2 Television that he will make sure the businesses of the boys collapse under the government of the New Patriotic Party. Despite the strength of Kennedy Agyapong he seems sad and bothered because of the sad news of his seven million United States dollars that has been lost.

According to him, whenever he remembers that the young boys have swindled a sixty-one-year-old man like him, he gets a headache. Even though the Assin Central Member of Parliament is willing to allow the police to go after Nana Boadu and his gang, he has sworn to deal with them in his own way.


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