See what Maccasio said about collaborating with Fancy Gadam

Northern Ghana based self acclaimed king of rap music, Maccasio has finally talked about a collaboration with Fancy Gadam, his biggest rival.

Maccasio was on North Arts when he talked about what is perceived by many as impossible in his music career, a collaboration with his biggest rival, Fancy Gadam.

The rapper in an interview with Sadik Cybha made it clear why he may never step on a single song with Fancy Gadam forever.

According to him, his rivalry with Fancy Gadam is cherished by his fans that they wouldn’t like to have him and Fancy Gadam come together for anything or be heard on a collaboration song.

He made this revelation in a counter argument to the host’s who opined that a collaboration with Fancy Gadam on a song could, in his word be “mind blowing” and capable of putting both fan bases in a great anticipation which could go a long way to market their brands and the song more.

But Maccasio disagreed while he seized the moment to school Sadik Cybha and his viewers, saying that “…just as it is for Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale, my fans like this thing going on between me and Fancy Gadam, they like it and wouldn’t want to have me on a single song with him”

However, his comment came to many as no surprise.

In the past, fans of the two camps have shared their take on this subject through their social media handles and under comment sections of people who campaigned for their unity, Maccasio’s comment only came to confirm and amplify the true fate of the 69 fans as far as a collaboration between the two is concerned.

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