Seth Praise prepares to stage a Second Edition of his gospel show “unlimited praise” in Zebilla

Ghanaian upcoming gospel singer Seth Apam, widely known in music as Seth Praise has announced the second edition of his gospel show named “unlimited praise “

Here are five important activities that attendees should expect in this year’s “unlimited praise ” ready to come on 27th October ,2023 at Zebilla Central Assemblies of God Church.

1. Worship and Praise: Gospel musical concerts in Ghana often begin with a time of worship and praise, where attendees sing hymns and songs of praise to God. This is a significant part of the concert, as it sets the spiritual atmosphere and allows people to connect with God through music.

2. Live Performances: Gospel concerts feature live performances by various gospel artists and choirs. These performances showcase the talents of the artists and provide an opportunity for attendees to enjoy uplifting and inspiring music.

3. Testimonies: Testimonies play a vital role in gospel concerts in Ghana. Artists and attendees often share personal stories of how their faith has impacted their lives and how God has worked miracles in their situations. These testimonies serve to encourage and inspire others in their faith journey.

4. Preaching and Teaching: Gospel concerts often include preaching and teaching sessions, where pastors or guest speakers deliver messages of hope, faith, and encouragement. These sessions provide spiritual guidance and help attendees deepen their understanding of the gospel.

5. Prayer and Altar Calls: Prayer is an integral part of gospel concerts in Ghana. Attendees are given the opportunity to pray together, seek God’s guidance, and receive personal prayer ministry. Altar calls are also common, where individuals are invited to come forward and make a public commitment to their faith or seek spiritual healing.

These activities create a holistic and spiritually uplifting experience for attendees at gospel musical concerts in Ghana.

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