Shatta Wale Clashes With His Manager Sammy Flex At Bolga Concert And Disciplines Him On Stage

Ghanaian Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale clashed with his manager Sammy Flex on stage at the concert he had in Bolgatanga.

Video from Jaga4 Bitters concert shows Shatta Wale angrily shouting at Sammy Flex on stage which was so embarrassing.

He paused his performance to give a stern warning to Sammy Flex who could only nod his head as yes sir ,yes sir…

The manager, Sammy Flex told the police to stop the overjoyed fans to trying to pass the barricade which separates the stage from the grounds.

Shatta Wale wasn’t happy with that so he confronted him and then asked the police not to beat any fan.

He then told the police to remove the barricades because he wants his fans close to him when he’s performing.

Shatta Wale gave the go-head for the police to allow the fans to climb the stage.

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