Takoradi: pregnant Woman kidnapped a week ago found, baby removed from her womb

On the 15th of September, 2021, a pregnant woman identified as Josephine Mensah went missing in Takoradi after going on early morning jogging.

After she went, she didn’t return home again which made her husband and family think that she may have delivered because she was already in her 9-months of pregnancy. Sadly, after they searched every hospital and clinic around, they didn’t find her., it was a Kidnapped mission. The Kidnappers sent the Police a signal on an amount of money to be paid in order for the woman to be released.

Today being it 21st of September, the woman was released by the Kidnappers but her baby was not in her stomach.

According to her, they wanted to use her for rituals but because she was a twin the rituals didn’t go through but they removed her baby and took him away. Speaking she revealed that there were 12 pregnant women who were killed there.

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