Teachers and nursing trainees allowances to be cancelled, Expert gives reasons

The implementation of students allowance has been a beneficiary and it support students learning in the country, according to a lot of research and thorough investigation made indicate that Nursing and Teacher Trainees Allowance will be cancelled in 2022 excluding feeding component, feeding component will still be released to the various colleges and institutions to prepare meal for the Trainees.

Government has made it clear to the public that the country is going through many difficulties in terms of financial issues due to this, the government find it difficult to pay Nurses and Teacher Trainees Allowance on time.

Government is considering to pay the remaining 2021 allowance debt which he is owning Nurses and Teacher Trainees in the year and this could be last payment of allowance to Trainees.

All Nurses and Teacher Trainees have bare witness that this academic year 2021 payment of allowance has been in installments as government always try to pay some part, this shows how difficulties the government find in the payment process of the allowance.

I know this information will be a disadvantage to Nurses and Teacher Trainees in the country but they need to be calm and hope for changes in the nearest future. This information is gathered according to my intensive investigation and predictive future of Students Allowance in 2022 as the country is suffering financially in dealing with the payment of Nursing and Teacher Trainees Allowance in 2021.
Thank you, but stay calm and hope for the best.

By Investigative Journalist: Ibrahim Ibn Abass Alonso, Sunyani Ghana.

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