Was 2pac using iPhone 13?, Is he alive and hiding somewhere?, fans quizzes as fresh pictures of Tupac Shakur keeps surfacing online

Late American hiphop musician Tupac Shakur upon his death which is dated far back 26 years ago still has his own fresh pictures trending on social media which keeps fans wondering if he is really dead.

A Facebook post made by a user by name hiphop ville says ” 2pac died 26 years ago, it means this photo was taken 26 years or more ago. How it looks so fresh and clean beats our imagination “.

The comments under the above post will make you laugh non stop as fans share their ideas about the fresh pictures of 2pac. Check the comments in the screenshot below

Some said he is alive, others said he was using iPhone 13 whiles others think his photographer by then was using high quality digital cameras.

Check some of his fresh pictures below

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