Young Naira gets ready to drop an Uplifting New Single “Buyer Marshall” 

The afropop and dancehall music scene in Ghana continues to thrive with exciting new talent. Emerging artist Young Naira, who hails from the small town of Tilli near Zebilla in the Upper East Region, is ready to make a splash with his latest single “Buyer Marshall.”


The inspirational song talks about persevering through adversity and not letting others bring you down. With upbeat rhythms and Young Naira’s soulful vocals, “Buyer Marshall” spreads a positive message about staying true to yourself.


From enquiries, Young Naira explained the meaning behind the song: “The title ‘Buyer Marshall’ details how people try too hard to undermine others and dampen their spirits. The song is about not letting toxic people get the best of you.”



Young Naira grew up with a passion for music and started writing his own songs as a teenager. He cites musical influences like Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba, and Samini. This new single showcases his talent for blending contemporary Afropop sounds with Ghanaian highlife.


“Buyer Marshall” will be  available on all major streaming platforms on Saturday 18th November. Fans can expect an accompanying music video to drop soon. With its inspirational lyrics and energetic vibe, Young Naira’s new single is poised to resonate with listeners from Upper East region and beyond. Keep an eye out for more feel-good tunes from this promising Ghanaian talent!

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