‘Your head like pear’ Bosom P Yung insults Mr Drew for this weird reason (photos)

Bosom P Yung a Ghanaian singer rapper has become angry with his colleague Mr Drew this weird reason.

If we can remember it was announced by Lord paper that he is coming out with a new song with Bosom P Yung sometime ago? Yes that song by Lord paper coming but Bosom P Yung’s verse has been removed which means he’s no longer featured in the song .

It’s said by many that Lord paper removed Bosom P Yung’s verse because he( Bosom P Yung) is no longer trending in the industry again .

For this reason he featured Mr Drew on the song . As he’s promoting the song on social media he posted it on Twitter and Mr Drew commented ‘ big tune ‘ which made Bosom P Yung angry so he insulted him that his hear like pear .

Bosom P Yung claims he was not informed that his verse is going to be removed which made so unhappy.

Check the screenshots below

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