3 Dance Videos of Kelly That Got Her More Followers and Popularity Online, 1 of Them Has Millions of Views

3 Dance Videos of Kelly That Got Her More Followers and Popularity Online, 1 of Them Has Millions of Views

A young lady, Kelly, has become one of the most admired ladies on TikTok as people love her bright smiles In many of her popular videos, she does the same dance moves, making some wonder what may be special about her Kelly’s videos have not just become topics on beauty, they could be used as examples of sudden internet fame

A young lady called Kelly became a viral sensation on the internet when her dance video started getting amazing views on TikTok. In a few months after signing up on the social media platform, she got the attention of thousands; both admirers and people who envy her sudden shot to fame.

What is her source of popularity? While many cannot agree on a particular thing that made her famous, her beautiful and bright smiles may just be some of them. Or in a Pentecostal way of explaining it; grace. Remember the kind of popularity Kupe Boys got years ago? We may just have another sensation that may last a while on our hands.

In this report, Legit.ng, will be looking at three of her videos and try to see what may have been the attraction point for many. 1. Kelly in her signature gown This particular video is perhaps the most viewed clip on Kelly’s TikTok page with over 3 million views. It is no wonder, therefore, that the gown she wore would become a part of her online identity.

The gown is a mix of colours with fawn beige being the dominant one. She captioned the video “when you realise how good u look”, suggesting she knows she is beautiful. 2. Is Kelly a nurse? Though this video is not up to a million views, it became significant as many started asking questions about what her daily job is aside from making TikTok dance videos.

In this clip, the lady is in a nurse uniform, telling people she took a bathroom break. Many of her admirers said they would feign sick if only it will give them the opportunity to meet her.

Days after the video was posted, it did several hundreds of thousands in views. A related video of her in the same uniform had over 400,000 views at the time of writing this report. 3. Kelly in a different environment Most of her popular videos are shot in a bedroom with a background that has kicks well arranged on the wall.


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