Another cyclist starts a journey of love from Accra to Tamale to Support Failatu.

This morning, before the sun rose over the city of Accra, a man named Zakaria Nbahiyam began an arduous 380 km journey to Tamale. Zakaria is undertaking this long bicycle ride not just for adventure, but for love.

Zakaria hails from northern Ghana but currently lives in Ashaiman, a town just outside Accra. His ride today though is inspired by a woman named Failatu Abdul-Razak who resides in Tamale. While the details of their relationship are unclear, it seems that Zakaria is intent on proving his devotion by traversing the entire distance between them on just two wheels.

As many Ghanaians slept soundly in their beds or prepared for church, Zakaria was already hours into his trek north. Departing from central Accra, he made his way out of the capital and onto rural roads rarely traversed by bicycles. While the journey will take multiple days to complete, Zakaria appears determined, motivated by his heartfelt passion for Failatu.

This grand romantic gesture harkens back to a different era, when suitors sought to demonstrate the depths of their affections through extraordinary acts. For Zakaria, crossing almost 400 kilometers in the west African heat is his version of a knight slaying dragons or climbing tall mountains for his lady love.

One hopes that when he finally pedals his tired legs into Tamale, exhausted and sore but fueled by love, Failatu will be there with open arms to welcome him. Their meeting will be the culmination of a long ride that traversed the breadth of Ghana. For now, Zakaria cycles on alone, one man on two wheels bound for his beloved. We wish him godspeed and safety on this unique journey.

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