Asamoah Gyan Annulled his Marriage because his ex-wife is married to another man ,lawyer explains in details

Asamoah Gyan, the famous Ghanaian footballer, has recently gone through a difficult divorce due to deception by his wife, Gifty Gyan. Gyan filed for an annulment after learning that Gifty was still married to another man at the time of their wedding.


According to reports, Gifty had not ended her previous marriage to Eugene Odame Antwi before marrying Gyan. She led Gyan to believe she was single and pushed for a quick court marriage. Out of love, Gyan purchased properties in her name before realizing he had been deceived.


Once Gyan discovered the truth, he immediately filed to annul the marriage on grounds of fraud. This type of deception is morally wrong and illegal. Gyan was clearly taken advantage of by someone he trusted.


This serves as a cautionary tale for others entering into marriage – be completely sure you know your partner’s full history first. Do not ignore any red flags or rush into legal commitments. And consult a lawyer if anything seems amiss.


Gyan is certainly not the first celebrity to deal with a deceitful spouse. But hopefully his experience will prevent others from finding themselves in similar situations. This is a good reminder that even the rich and famous can become victims in marriage. We wish Gyan the best as he moves forward after this difficult betrayal.

Asamoah Gyan’s lawyer explained all this on Utv ,watch the video below;

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