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Shatta Wale and Girlfriend Maali Return to Ghana from the UK, Vibe to Stonebwoy’s Song in Viral Video



In the world of Ghanaian music and entertainment, Shatta Wale is undoubtedly a household name. Known for his dynamic stage presence and hit songs, the dancehall sensation has a way of making headlines. Recently, he and his girlfriend, Maali, made waves once again when they returned to Ghana from the UK. What’s more, they were caught on camera vibing to none other than Stonebwoy’s music. This viral video has the entire nation talking, and it’s time to delve into the details.

Shatta Wale and Maali’s return to Ghana from the UK was met with excitement from their fans. As they stepped off the plane and into Kotoka International Airport, the couple appeared jovial and ready to embrace the warmth of their homeland. It’s always heartwarming to see our favorite celebrities return to their roots, and this was no exception.

What caught the attention of fans and social media enthusiasts, in particular, was a video that captured Shatta Wale and Maali grooving to the beats of a Stonebwoy song. The video quickly went viral, and it’s no surprise. Given the long-standing rivalry between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, this public display of appreciation for his fellow artist’s music is a notable moment in Ghana’s entertainment scene.

Social media platforms were abuzz with reactions to the video. Some fans saw this as a positive sign of unity and maturity in the Ghanaian music industry, while others speculated about what it might mean for future collaborations or even a potential truce between the two dancehall giants. Regardless of the interpretations, it’s undeniable that the video was a trending topic, and it left fans eager to see what’s in store.

In a music industry that often witnesses fierce competition and rivalries, moments like this serve as a reminder of the power of music to bring people together. The unity displayed by Shatta Wale and Maali, enjoying the music of their fellow artist, showcases the sense of camaraderie that can exist in the industry.

Shatta Wale and Maali’s return to Ghana and their viral video vibing to Stonebwoy’s song are a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of Ghana’s entertainment scene. Whether this moment leads to collaborations, resolutions, or simply a newfound appreciation for the diversity in Ghanaian music, one thing is certain – it’s an exciting time for music enthusiasts in the country. Let’s keep an eye out for what’s next in the world of Ghanaian music.Watch the video below;

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Meet Ebefa Ranking ,the new face of music rising from Ghana[Artiste Profile]



Ebefa Ranking is the stage name of Prince Owusu, an afrobeat and hilife artist making waves in Ghana’s Central Region music scene. Hailing from the central region, Ebefa Ranking attended St. Andrews Senior High School. His moniker “Ebefa Ranking” signals his determination to rank highly in Ghana’s competitive music landscape.

With street-inspired motivation reflected in his music, Ebefa Ranking has already received recognition in the industry, winning the Ablekuma Music Awards prize for Best Hip Pop Art. His energetic performances and catchy tracks blending afrobeat rhythms with hilife lyrics have earned him a growing fanbase.

Ebefa Ranking has become a regular face at venues across the central region. As his reputation grows, so does his Todetop brand and movement centered on his “to the top” motto. Fans can connect with Ebefa Ranking through his social media handles (IG: Ebefa Ranking, FB: Ebefa Ranking) and look out for more headline-grabbing tunes from this promising young Ghanaian talent.

With gritty determination and musical ability, Ebefa Ranking has his sights set high, intent on ranking his name atop Ghana’s vibrant hip hop scene.

He has released songs like “On God ” and “falaa” which are already making waves everywhere. Connect with him through his channels below to be able to get any song immediately it is released.



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Radio Presenter Justice Quophy Boah Bids Farewell to Zebs FM



It is with mixed emotions that popular radio presenter Justice Quophy Boah, known on-air as “Phloppy”, bids farewell to Zebz FM in Zebilla after an impactful stint with the station. In a heartfelt message, Boah expressed his profound gratitude to the people of Kusaug and the Upper East region for the opportunities and support while working as a media personality in the area.

Boah spoke about what an enriching and memorable experience it has been over the last few years. He gained invaluable skills and knowledge working with Zebz FM’s dedicated and talented team. The belief the station showed in his abilities, along with the opportunities provided, have helped shape Boah both personally and professionally.

Specific thanks went to local Member of Parliament and CEO of Zebz FM, Hon. Cletus Apul Avoka, as well as his family including Mr. Jarvis Avoka. Boah sincerely thanked them and the entire Zebs FM crew for everything during his time at the popular Upper East radio station. He will forever cherish the experiences and memories gained while working there.

As he departs to take on new challenges, Boah wished Zebz FM and Hon. Avoka’s team continued success and prosperity. While they part ways, he will always remain grateful for the platform Zebz FM provided in his media career. His time at the station will forever hold a special place for “Phloppy”.

We thank Justice Quophy Boah for his contributions to Zebz FM and wish him the very best in his next endeavors!

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Garu-Based Icenek Teams Up with Kumasi’s Soundcard for New Afro Dancehall Single



Emerging Ghanaian musician Icenek is prepping the release of his latest single, which features a collaboration with the popular Kumasi-based afro dancehall artist Soundcard. The track, titled “We Go Make Am,” mixes Icenek’s signature Garu style with Soundcard’s smooth dancehall vibes. It’s set to drop on December 10th.

Though Icenek hails from the northern town of Garu, he’s recently found artistic inspiration from the urban musical landscape down south. As part of the rising “Garu Boi Tunez” collective, Icenek has been making waves with his idiosyncratic brand of hiplife ,afrobeats and dancehall . Now, by partnering with an outside act like Soundcard, Icenek is looking to grow his reach.

Soundcard should provide the perfect complement to Icenek’s upbeat sound. As part of Kumasi’s thriving dancehall scene, Soundcard has the versatile musicality and distinctive style to mesh well with the Garu Boi Tunez aesthetic. His signature relaxed flow paired with Icenek’s high-powered delivery creates an intriguing sonic fusion.

The two have been heavily promoting the December 10th release date across social media and through performances around the country. Expect the accompanying music video to provide enthralling visuals from both artists’ hometowns, linked by their musical chemistry. For Icenek, “We Go Make Am” represents his first real chance at nationwide exposure—and with Soundcard’s star power, this crossover single surely won’t disappoint!, listen to the snippet of the song below.

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