Breaking!: Kennedy Agyepong reportedly arrested in USA

Ghana’s controversial politician and The mp for Assin north , Hon Kennedy Agyapong is reported to have been arrested in the US by the State’s officials following Kevin Taylor’s lawsuit against him.

Kennedy Agyapong and Kevin Taylor have been dirtying themselves on the internet for close to a year now. Their explosive back and forth banter is fueled by the fact that they both belong to different political parties.

For the past months, Kevin Taylor has used his Facebook timeline to consistently accuse Kennedy Agyapong as the killer of late Ahmed Suale who worked with Anas’ Tiger eye before his demise.

According to Kevin Taylor, Kennedy Agyapong hired assassins to cut Ahmed’s life short because he had become a thorn in the flesh for him and also had access to some dirty secrets of the NPP big wig and some prominent political figures in the country.

Although Kennedy Agyapong has come out more than a million times to deny having his hands in the death of Ahmed Suale but the CEO of loud silence media hasn’t stopped pinning him as a murderer.

Prior to Kennedy Agyapong’s arrest, Kevin Taylor had dared him to drag his ass to court if he’s the tough man he claims to be.

Kennedy Agyapong replied to the threats from Kevin Taylor and instructed his lawyers in the states to file a lawsuit against Kevin Taylor but as at now, the loudmouth media man is working as a free man while Kennedy is fighting for his freedom.

The news of Kennedy Agyapong’s arrest is yet to be confirmed by himself or any of his allies but many netizens have taken to the internet to reject the news of his arrest.

Stay tuned for more on this story…

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